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Welcome to the Incubator

Welcome to the Incubator, a spot to reflect on dynamic thoughts and diverse experiences that inform, influence, and inspire our good work at the Montessori School of Denver.

As I was contemplating this first post I found myself standing at the edge of a cliff, on my skis, in Crested Butte. It was a slope I had never intended to ski. In fact, I had ended up in that spot by taking a number of different turns through a forest of trees, thinking I was headed somewhere completely different. But suddenly there I was, on the precipice, of a very scary cliff. No way to go back the way I came. No place to go but down. As I got up my courage and looked for a good place to make the first turn (as a skier you know that the first turn is always the hardest) I suddenly remembered the advice of a good friend, now gone, whose philosophy was to always move forward, embracing not only the opportunities that come your way, but also the challenges. She would never hesitate to jump in, because as she saw it, without having the courage to move forward, you would never be rewarded with the riches of having conquered something extraordinary.  And she often said to me “Don’t be Afraid.”

Over the past several years when faced with uncertainty and risk, I’ve often thought of my friend and her unwavering courageous spirit.  And as I stood looking over the edge of that cliff, wondering how I was going to get down, I knew that this was a moment for me to heed her words and leap forward with fortitude.  This was a moment to “not be afraid.”

Possessing courage in the face of uncertainty is a distinguishing trait of the many folks who have led MSD throughout the years. In 1964 a small group of parents were undaunted as they started a brand new school, with no certainty that what they set in motion would ultimately become a model for Montessori and independent school education. Now, as we propel forward with our transformational master plan, we are on the brink of something extraordinary. The spirit of those who came before us, and indeed my friend, lives on. As our school celebrates its 50th birthday, we are inspired by their willingness to leap.

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